Terra Neem Nutrico


HowIs Terra Neem Nutrlco made?

Nutrico are prepared from the neem seed kernel. In this process, oil is squeezed out from the neem kernel under cold process and the remaining biomass is called Neem cake. For uniform and easy application without waste, neem cake is made in to pellets.

Terra Neem Nutrlco Pellets enriches the soil with organic matter. The Terra Nutrico pellets contains,organic nitrogen which is gradually released and is made available for a longer duration, thereby preventing leaching losses and preventing pollution of the underground water.The environment is not polluted. Rich in minerals and olio­ elements, it contributes to the mineral nutrition of plants.

Nutrico Pellets increase the water retaining capacity of the soil and hence the plants tolerate the water stress situation.

Nutrient content:
  • pH :5-6
  • Beneficial Bacteria :8.90 X 10'5/gm
  • Moisture : 10-15%
  • C.N : 18-24%
  • NPK : 5-1-2
Benefits :
  • Improves soil fertility, texture and organic matter content.
  • Provides better environment for the root development and aeration.
  • Enhances the growth of soil mico flora
  • Increases the water retention capacity of the soil.
  • Aids in fixing the atmospheric nitrogen by the micro-organisms contained in it
  • Also contains the microbes to hasten the phosphorus and sulphur­ solublisation.
  • Does not produce any residual toxicity in the final agricultural produce.
  • Controls the activity of soil pathogens with the help of neem fractions.
  • Boosts the crop yield.
Method of application:
  • Terra neem Nutrico pellet can be applied directly to the soilor in the combination with Jungle.
  • Soilor with own estate crop residue manure.
  • Profuse irrigation immediately after the application is must.
Dosage :

For Field and plantation crops - 2-3 tons per acre.

Storage :

Keep out of reach of children, away from sunlight in a dry place.

Packing :

20 Kg/ 25 Kg/ 50 Kg/ 700 Kg HDPE Bag