Terra Neem Nutrico


Terr Neem Nutrico

Neem Nutrico prepared from neem seed cake and neem husk powder. For uniform and easy application without waste Nutrico is made into pellets.

Terra Neem Nutrico Pellets enriches the soil with organic matter. The Terra Nutrico pellets contains, organic nitrogen which is gradually released and is made available for a longer duration, thereby preventing leaching losses and preventing pollution of the underground water and  environment is not polluted.

Neem Nutrico controls the development of nematodes and other pests in the soil.
Decomposing residues of Neem Nutrico prevent the development of pathogenic fungi.
NUTRICO increases the chlorophyll content of the plant.
Fruits become bigger, more brilliant, tastier, with a longer shelf-life.
NUTRICO improves absorption and reduces Nitrogen leaching.
Its decomposition releases fatty acids, aldehydes, ketone amino acids.
Carbohydrates and free Sulphur facilitate plant metabolism and growth.
NUTRICO increases the amount of nutrients in the soil and facilitates flora and fauna development.
It is a completely natural product and does not contain solvents or other harmful components
It is allowed in Organic Farming.


Organic matter     




Min 35% 



Where To Use:

You can apply Nutrico on all crops, especially on soils that are poor in organic matter or that are cultivated with intensive crops (vegetables, fruits). NUTRICO heavily reduces the necessity to use synthetic fertilizers; if mixed with other fertilizers, NUTRICO optimizes the absorption of several elements, in particular of Nitrogen, facilitating its slow release.

Rates and Instructions For Use:

Nutrico can be used both in open field and localized.

Storage :

Keep out of reach of children, away from sunlight in a dry place.

Vegetables (field or greenhouse)

400-600 kg/ha – localized in the row

700-1000 kg/ha – open field


800-1000 kg/ha – in the row

500-750 g – for each plant


1kg, 2kg, 5kg ,10kg, 15kg, 20kg ,25kg, 50kg , 750kg jumbo bags