Neem Liquid Fertilizer

Common Information

Terra neem liquid fertilizer exhibits anti-pathogenic properties such as antifungal, antifeedant, etc. Recommended applications of Terra neem liquid fertilizer reduce the vulnerability of a crop to damage from fungal disease, insect and pests. This phenomenon, witnessed to a small extent in chemical fertilizers, is greatly enhanced by the organic components of Terra neem liquid fertilizer. It will restrict the growth of harmful fungi without killing the organism, thus boosting the host plant's ability to deploy its own natural defenses to contain and eliminate the spread of the disease. In addition, the antifeedant properties in Terra neem liquid fertilizer, when applied on the affected plant, will suppress the appetite of gustatory larvae and adult pests when they eat the plants. This will result in the death of these pests due to starvation. Moreover, Terra neem liquid fertilizer acts in a nonspecific way against the pests, thus reducing the possibility of these pests developing pathogenic resistance. These same qualities can extend the shelf life of the produce from harvest to the market stalls. This is especially beneficial for high-value fruits (Eg. Softberry) to minimize loss of income due to post-harvest diseases.

Terra neem liquid fertilizer has positive effects on plant vitality by promoting vegetative growth and robustness, increases fruit yields and shortens growth cycle. This is due in part to the presence of residual lipid-soluble extracts in Terra neem liquid fertilizer that stimulate the intake of micronutrients from the fertilizer and the soil. In some instances, there is even evidence of a shortening in growth cycle. This results in a more robust plant, one that is more tolerant to changes in the environment.

Environmental Impact:
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic

Synthesized chemicals can give rise to non-biodegradable residues that accumulate to contaminate soils and ground-water. Excessive concentrations of these synthetic compounds in the long term present a severe and deleterious impact on the ecosystem. Tills results in a drastic decrease in crop productivity and even crop damage. Terra neem liquid fertilizer is completely and efficiently biodegradable, its environmental impact is nothing and hence, more predictable. Being non-toxic in nature, leaching of Terra neem liquid fertilizer from soils into water catchment basins and the water table is not harmful. Unlike phosphate fertilizers, Terra neem liquid fertilizer in runoff water does not encourage the proliferation of algae.

Other Properties:
  • Operator safety
  • Ease of handling and use
  • Flexible integration into farming methods

Terra neem liquid fertilizer is completely miscible with water in all proportions, and are extremely easy to apply: as a surface foliar spray, as well as via the plant root system. That coupled with its operator safety (classed as non-toxic to mammals), make it simple to integrate into existing and prevailing cultural practices. Terra neem liquid fertilizer offers the most economical solution to sustaining and increasing plant yields. The quantitative and quantitative improvements for farms and plantations translate into significant increases in revenue.

Active Ingredients:

Extracts from ( neem ), micro-nutrients extracts from organic ingredients (Seaweed, Humic , copper, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphoric acid (P205), soluable potash (K20) iron, zinc, etc.)