Neem Urea Coat


Neem Urea Coat

It has been proved that the urea applied to the soil taken by the crop is only 40-50% alone . The remain become waste due to the various soil and atmosphere reasons. Terra Neem Urea coating controls the wastage of the urea and keeps it to available to the soil.

Why Terra Neem Urea Coat :

The unique formulation approved by agricultural university, It retards the activity of denitrifying bacteria like Nitrobacter, Nitrosomonas - Nitrobacter that is responsible for loss of Nitrogen from Urea and its fast release, this results in controlling the loss of nitrogen and also slow release of the Urea that complimentary results in more Yields. Terra Neem coated urea also control some soil born nematodes, termites and other pest as it contains natural pesticide/nematicide/insecticide properties.

How to Use :

Mix 500ml Terra Neem Urea Coat with 50 Kg. of urea in a seed coating drum or on a plastic sheet in shade and mix thoroughly until a uniform coating is formed. The coated urea is now ready to use. The Coated urea can be stored in normal conditions properly sealed in a bag or container.

Benefits of Neem Urea Coat:
Terra Neem Urea Coat is a quality product. It is ready to use, economical and easy to apply over urea granules.
Terra Neem coated urea shows significant performance in delaying the microbial conversion of ammoniacal nitrogen to nitrite nitrogen and ensures slow and continuous availability of nitrogen to the crops.
The chlorophyll content gets increased day by day
It ensures the reduction of leaching and denitrification.
It ensures better yield and profits to farmers/growers.
It helps protects crops from insects, pests, fungus, virus, soil borne diseases etc., due to the presence of neem triterpenes.
It is very economical.
It is 100% non-toxic, environmentally safe, and eco-friendly.
Mechanism :
Terra Neem Urea Coat is 100% eco-friendly and environmentally safe neem bitters based product.
Highly effective inhibitor to protect urea from bacterial nitrification under the soil conditions. It has neem bitters, which are highly effective ingredients extracted from neem seeds which not only keep the properties intact but also effectively retard the nitrification of urea.
The chlorophyll content gets increased
Terra Neem coated urea mineralizes much slower than plain urea at least two to three times under soil conditions by controlling the multiplication process of nitrosomanas and nitrobacter spp. Which are responsible for nitrification.
Solution contains neem bitters and sulphurous compounds, which are mainly responsible for retarding the process of bacterial action.
It protects urea from leaching and volatilization.