Karanja Products

Karanja as Fertilizer

The cake left after extraction of oil from Karanja, is excellent organic manure with insect controlling properties. Terra Karanja Cake having minimum karanjan content of 1800 ppm and provides the crop with essential nutrients, while significantly reducing the number of soil insects and nematodes. Our field research proves that the Mixtures of Terra Neem Cake and Terra Karanja Cake gives good yields

Specification for Karanja Cake :
S.No N P205 K20 S Oil Content
1. 4.0% 0.9% 1.3% - 5%
Can be used with other Fertilizers :

Farmers who want to switch over to Karanja Cake should apply both simultaneously, decreasing the chemical or current fertilizers slowly. This compatibility give piece of mind without adding extra cost. When applied with nitrogenous fertilizers, gives a synergistic result by slowing down the process of conversion of Nitrogenous compounds into Ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrates and improves its efficiency.

Neem Karanja Combination:

Terra neem cake and Karanja cake can be mixed with (1 : 1) Having high effects than using any one with out adding others. Terra neem oil and Karanja oil can be used as natural pesticide or Insecticide controlling program with the emulsified concentration in the water of 0.5% . Our study shows that combination of both having high protection of the pest , Insect and miticide program.