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Siddha and Ayurveda in India.

NEEM! A marvellous creation of nature for all human and environment. It has time tested history in Indian culture as a medicinal plant. Every part of the Neem is useful. The Indian Medicinal field uses Neem for various types of diseases.

Natural Bio Pesticide and Organic Fertilizer

Neem has been in use for centuries in the Indian Agriculture as natural biopesticide and organic fertilizer with pest repellent properties. Natural Herbal Cosmetics use Neem as a base component while manufacturing in many products

Enables Organic Farming.

By using Neem, we can avoid constant depletion of soil quality, pollution of water & environment leading to health risks, toxic chemicals entering in our life system due to continuous use of chemical pesticides in farms and fields and enable organic status.

Terra Group is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Neem Based Products.

Realising the high potential values of Neem, Sun Group ( a Private Limited company) established in the year 2014 has strived to offer the best of products in terms of quality as well as prices to worldwide clients. We follow GMP guidelines for our manufacturing process that enables us to meet the bulk and immediate requirements of clients without compromising on the quality of products. Two Primary goals initally set were to develop fully automated advanced equipped machinery and to employ more from rural areas.

60+ Countries

Sun Group exports to 60+ countries all over the world,
with a growth of 100 % increase every year.

We are associated with multiple overseas companies to make products available to our customers closer to them. We have a set of quality standards to be matched at the time of production. We manually check all the products and every lot before packaged for dispatch. Our team of quality inspectors makes sure that products adhere to ISO standards.

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Our Process


We accept upon the order contract and sign with PO/Proforma on agreed price and terms.

Lead Time

We speculate the desired lead time to prepare the order usually to be 15 business days.


Shipping schedule will be updated, and the original documents will be sent to the invoice address.

Our Team

The team plays an essential role in the promotion of an organization as well as the products it manufactures. We have a group of experts whose enriched knowledge and professional skills assist us in coming up with a highly successful range of products.

A Decade of Experience

Our founder Mr.C.Sakthivel completed his P.G ( International Business) in Japan started a company before a decade in the name of Parker which manufactures and exports neem-based products. With that root, SunBio now works towards to prove its leadership in the neem and coconut based products and as a first initiator of neem products export from India. Our registered and administrative office situated at the heart of the city in Chennai, India and factory located in Salem.

To meet our worldwide customer’s requirement Terra Group and Terra Neem products certified as below:

  • GMP
  • ISO
  • USDA

Sun Organic Farms is developed to prove the effectiveness of Neem

Here cultivation is done purely on the organic method by using only neem products produced by us. Neem oil works as natural pesticides whereas neem cake as organic fertilizer.The Farm is well prepared for the cultivation of trees, vegetables, fruits, medicinal plants etc.We welcome all to have a look into our neem world to know our different range of products developed by our various tests and researches in our organic field and to feel the goodness of organic growing.


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