Karanjin K-40


Terra Karanjin K-40
Care for your plants with Terra Natural Karanjin K-40

Terra Natural Karanjin K-40 is the Karanjin Technical is obtained from the seeds of the karanja tree ( Pongamia glabra .), a tree growing wild in south India seed with Karanjin content of 40 % W/W. Karanja’s primary active ingredient Karanjin is the most potent insecticidal and acaricide ingredient present in the Karanja seed .

Karanjin is a furanoflavonol, a type of flavonoid and reported to have nitrification inhibitory properties.

How Karanjin K – 40 will be best nitrification inhibitor ?

Karanjin conserves ammonium in all the soils at all stages and formation of nitrate will be effectively minimized. Nitrite in soils was short-lived and low. Thus,nitrification inhibition by karanjin remained high for a period of approximately 6 weeks, decreased with time and ranged from 9 – 76% for all the soils.

Application :

1) Crop pest control formulations.

2) Used as a ingredient in anti-influenza virus drugs

3) Hygiene products - shampoo's, sprays, Cream

4) Textile protection formulations.

5) Household pest control formulations.