Terra Neem Jet

Terra Neem Jet
Neem based Liquid Nematicide

TERRA NEEM JET is a combination of natural, botanical blended extracts from Neem, Karanja and Castor, acts as a natural insecticide which affects over more than 600 pests ina costeffective way

By spraying the Terra Neem Jet it will cost the leaf surface which in tum prevents the germination of the fungal spores. Terra Neem Jet is effective against rots, mildews, rusts, scab, leafspot and blights. It makes a great garden spray as a general tonic for your plants and controls insect by interfering in the normal biochemical, physiologicaland metabolic process.

Cheap and cost effective.
  • Ready to use to pesticide I insecticide
  • 100% bio degradable and environment friendly.
  • Completely safe for humans and beneficial insects like honey bee.
  • It can be mixed with other synthetic pesticide & also enhances their action.
  • Effective for over 600 species of pests.
  • It is a broad spectrum insecticide.
Dosage :
  • Shake the Bottlewell
  • Take 50 MLofthe Terra NeemJet
  • Add 10 Litersofwater and mixwell

Spray using a knapsack sprayer or any suitable sprayer, within 8 hours of mixing. You may use this both as a foliar spray on crops, and asa soildrench by spraying the soil near the crop roots. For most crops itis recommended that you repeat the spraying 5 times at intervals of 7 to 1O days each.

Storage :

Keep out of reach of children, away from sunlight in a dry place.

Packing :

250 ml / 500 ml/ 1000 ml / 5 Ltr / 10 Ltr HOPE Jerry Cans, 50 Ltr / 100 Ltr I 200 Ltr HOPE Barrels, 1000 Ltr Totes