Terra Neem Cake


Terra Neem® cake is the residue of neem oil which we obtain from the first quality of neem seed’s kernel which has been crushed to extract neem oil. Terra organic neem cake is known as the "King" among other organic fertilizer because of its high Azadirachtin content with high NPK value

Further with our study we find out the following nematodes are controlled by the neem cake :

By our studies it is proven that the following nematodes are controlled by neem cake : Arenaria, Haplolaimus Indicus, Helicotylenchus Erythrina, Pratylenchus sp., Meliodogne Meloidogyne Incognita, M.Javanica (root knot nematode found in vegetable crops like okra, chilli, French bean, tomato, black gram, green gram, egg plant ,etc)Parasitic Fungi, R.Brassica, Reniform Nematode, Root-knot Nematodes, Rotylenchus Reniformis (found on okra, French bean and garden bean), Rodopholus similis (banana) Trylenchor hynchus - various species, etc..

Other Pests : Grain Moth, Lesser Grain Moth, Red Flour Beetle.
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