Terra Neem Cake


Through our regular study we found that the following quantity required as plant wise

Note : This is 100% total organic product , adding more quantity will not lead to any problem
Plantation Crops (Plantain Coconut, Areca Nut, Coffee, Tea, Mango and all other Fruit Crops) 2-4 Kg/Tree
  • Pre Monsoon
  • Post Monsoon
Annual / Seasonal Crops (Paddy, Oil Seed, Vegetables, Oil Seeds, Sugarcane, Watermelon etc.) 150-350 Kg /Acre
  • During Land Preparations
  • Before Flowering
Spice Crops (Cardamom, Turmeric, Pepper, Vanilla etc.) 500-750 Gms / Plant
  • Pre Monsoon
  • Post Monsoon
Neem Cake as Organic Pesticide

Terra Neem Cake protects plants and crops against parasitical nematodes. It enhances crops yield. The fertility of the soil is preserved. This can be seen by an increase in earthworm population in tracts where Terra Neem cake has been used, quite unlike farms served only by chemical fertilizers. Lawns and golf courses, dosed with Terra Neem Cake are healthier and do not require frequent spraying with harmful chemicals.