Terra Neem Oil

Toxicology Data

Chemical Name Neem Oil
Chemical Class Botanical
CAS No 8002-65-1
Physical State Liquid
Appearance Brown Viscous Liquid
Odor Characteristic Neem fragrant odor
pH 7 ± 0.02
Vapor Pressure 38 at 200oC
Boiling Point More than 100oC
Viscosity Viscous Material
Freezing/Melting Point 14oC
Auto ignition Temperature Above 200oC
Flash Point More than 170oC - No Fire Hazard
Explosion Limit , Lower None
Explosion Limit, Upper None
Decomposition Temperature None
Solubility in Water Emulsifies with water
Specific Gravity Density 0.84 g/ml
Molecular Formula Not applicable
Molecular weight Not applicable
Chemical Stability Stable at ordinary condition of use and storage.
Conditions to Avoid No restriction
Incompatibilities with other materials None
Hazardous Decomposition Products No hazardous material produced
Hazardous Polymerization Does not occur
Acute Toxicity Acute oral Rat LD 50 >500mg/kg Acute Dermal Rat LD 50> 2000 mg/kg Inhalation - Rat LC 50 > 5.4 mg/l
Primary Eye Irritation Non irritant
Primary Skin Irritation Non irritant
Skin Sensitization Non Sensitizer
Chronic Toxicity
Mutation Assay Non Mutagenic
Non Mutagenic No Neurotoxicity
Reproductive Toxicity None
Carcinogenicity Non Carcinogenic
Effects on Spray Operators No adverse effects.
Effect on Honey Bees Harmless
Effect on Earthworm(LC50) Harmless
Effect on Predators Harmless
Hazard to soil microflora Non Hazardous
Acute Toxicity to fish-rainbow Trout ( LC50) 1.6 mg/ltr
AlgalInhibition Test Non inhibitory / Non stimulant
Metabolism in Soil Rapid Decomposition in Soil
Degradability in water Readily biodegradable in water E.P.A. Classifies as non-toxic.

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