Terra Neem Oil

Insects Control

Soil Nematodes:

Soil Nematodes are typically found in surprisingly high numbers in Soil, which disturbs the roots and affects the plants growth.

Terra Neem-Oil controls its growth and manipulation. Result : color difference to find the difference


Leafhopper are one of the largest families of the plant feeding insects

Terra Neem-Oil controls hatching its eggs and the azaratihtin controls its growth and eating leaves.


They are small soft-bodied insects. Aphids' feeding after causes leaves to curl and become deformed.

Terra Neem-Oil controls its growth and acts its harmonial system naturally.

White flies:

They are small winged insects, which look more like moths than flies. Feeding the leaves and its eggs are very small and almost invisible.

Terra Neem Oil prevents Hatching its eggs and reproduction.

Mealy Bug:

They make up a variety of genera consisting of sucking insects that are often covered by a powderly coating of wax.

Terra Neem-Oil controls the total growth and reproduction.