Neem Coir Peat


Terra Neem Coir is made from renewable coconut husk and powdered Neem seed cake. Terra Neem Cake is produced from the Neem tree seed, which is an indigenous tree to India. Neem compounds have proven worldwide to be the best natural organic,& Eco-friendly pest repellents available, safe to the environment.

Why Terra Neem Coir
  • Terra Neem Coir eliminates or reduces the need to use harmful pesticide sprays
  • Terra Neem Coir has its own systemic pesticide, which affects over 600 insects
  • Terra Neem Coir contains a slow release, natural organic fertilizer (Terra neem cake)
  • Terra Neem Coir has remarkable powers of porosity
  • Terra Neem Coir has remarkable water retention values
  • Terra Neem Coir reduces watering schedules by up to (65%)
  • Terra Neem Coir fiber is pH neutral (6 - 7), and has a natural low CF value
  • Terra Neem Coir is rapidly renewable and yet very slow to breakdown (Eco-friendly)

Please note: Terra Neem Coir has a sponge like structure, and is not to be confused with peat, which breaks down to quickly, compacts when wet and takes many centuries to form out of organic waste.

'Terra Neem Coir' - Additional Information
  • Terra Neem Coir contains 6% Terra neem cake fine powder
  • Terra Neem Coir is tested to be free from Salmonella & E-Coli
  • Terra Neem Coir acidity is neutral, pH 6 - 7
  • Terra Neem Coir's high lignin content results in very slow decomposition and is ideal as a long life soil conditioner.
  • Terra Neem Coir promotes VIGOUR, COLOUR & HEALTH in your favorite plants
Excellent Air Porosity

Coir maintains excellent air porosity even when saturated and gives better crops with faster developing roots and more flowers and fruit per plant when used correctly.

Potting Mixes

The environment friendly of the coir main advantage is "Potting mixes" will not affect soil conditioners instead of its high pH value of 5.7 to 6.5 and the coir will hold and release nutrients in solution over extended periods without dewatering.

Irrigation Efficiency

Terra Organic Neem Coir absorbs the water 10 times then its weight and keeps wet of the root for long time. So no need to irrigate frequently and about 10-20% of water can save.