Terra Neem Mate


Neem-based Liquid Nematicide

Natural Nematicide in powder Fonn Terra Neem Mate is a neem based nematicide which can be used to control root-knot nematodes affecting fruit crops, vegetable crops or field crops. The chemical pesticide Carbofuran is widely used to control nematodes. However, Carbofuran has a very short effective period, moreover it is banned in many countries because ofits adverse effect on the enviranment and its inherent toxicity.A botanical pesticide, Terra Neem Mate is freefrom thetoxicity of Carbofuran.

Widely recommended to control white grubs, nematodes and other soil borne pathogens.

Benefits :
  • Can be used as a substitute for Methyl Bromide for nematode management
  • Can be used as a component in Integrated Pest Management (IPM).
  • Ready to use. (No mixing required!)
  • Safer to handle as particles settle quickly and there is no spraying.
  • Requires simple application equipment such as seeders or fertilizer spreaders
  • More persistent than wettable powders (WPs) or emulsifiable concentrates (Ecs).
Nutrient Content :
  • Organic Matter 80% - 85%
  • Nitrogen 2% - 3.0%
  • Phosphorus 2% - 2.75%
  • Potassium 1% - 1.5%
Application Guidelines:

It is essential to apply Terra Neem Mate before pests attack the crop. This prophylactic action results in built-in protectionofcrop for an abundant harvest

Methodology I Dosage:
  • Apply @ 1O kg I ha for nursery pest management
  • Apply 1-2 days before sowing as a prophylactic dose.
  • Apply to the soil@10 kg/ ha field crop.
  • Apply before transplanting as a prophylactic dose.
Storage :

Keep out of reach of children, away from sunlight in a dry place.

Packing :

5 kg I 20 Kg / 25 Kg I 50 Kg I 700 Kg HDPE Bag